My goal as a filmmaker is to simply tell the stories I have to tell.  Born in Manchester in 1970 I saw a lot of things that helped me develop a social conscience. So many of my films tend to highlight and sometimes tackle head on the things that effect so many of us in our daily lives. I feel this is an absolute privilege to be allowed to do this everyday, 

Lee Howard

Welcome to the page for Lee Howard Films. here you can find information on scripts and pre-production for films written or/and directed by Lee Howard. Lee currently works exclusively with Canned Media and will be directing their new series Kicking Off in 2019.

Bruce Jones - Actor

(Raining Stones & Coronation St)

Lee is a great British film

Director. Real, Gritty and Honest. Reminds me of a young Ken Loach.

(Ashley in Coronation St)

Steven Arnold - Actor

& Director


(Benidorm & Still Open All Hours)

I worked with Lee and his team on his movie Womble. Work shouldn't be this much fun.


I am currently preparing for production for my latest film Kicking Off. I am still writing and will be going into workshop very soon. I will be welcoming two new AD's on this new production. Bruce Jones will be joining me on his directional debut and with his many years in film, television and stage his experience will bring something special to Kicking off. I also welcome a trainee AD Adele Birch, this is a big chance for Adele to work at a high level with some real talent, and I'm sure she will shine.

I am also pleased to see the promotion of Adam Dawson as my DoP, Adam works tirelessly to create a high level of filmmaking and I'm very proud to have him on my team. 


I think we are going to have a very productive 2019

Having worked with Lee on so many different projects says it all really. He is a true professional, with fantastic imagination. Always there to listen and help in anyway he can to make the final product the very best it can be. Lee is great fun to be around and a great people person whichmake's it a great environment and a pleasure to be involved in, He is also passionate about what he does and that's why he does it so well. True Gentleman. 

Making film is of course a team effort, it's such a big deal to make a movie. having a great team around you that has a great way of working together is vital, and I'm very fortunate to have that. I have and continue to work with some wonderful actors, familiar and up and coming, and the energy and inspiration I take from them helps me do what I do with a continued enthusiasm. Each new production brings its challenges as well as new experiences, but overall waking up each morning and thinking about being creative makes it all worthwhile.  I do see myself as having a social conscience and feel its my duty to highlight issues within our communities. Filmmaking is a powerful tool that I don't believe should be used for just entertainment, and finding that mix is what makes a successful filmmaker.  

Lee Howard directing Kicking Off

What I do is strange, I create characters based on real people, then tell them what to do and say. Creating a made up world, with made up people. But then the rest of the world sits and watches what I did. So maybe I'm ok. 

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