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Welcome to the Canned Media blog page. here the Producers will personally post blog posts keeping you up to date on productions and future projects. Our writer and director will also post from time to time to share the process of creating film. We will blog on a regular basis posting photos (from our on-set photographer Mark) and stories from productions. 

February 10, 2019

Pre-Production for the feature film Kicking Off is well and truly underway, and as promised we are beginning to add guest stars to the film. The first to come in is my old friend and former Coronation St actor Steven Arnold (Ashley Peacock).

Steven will play Chris Banks, father to striker Lennon and super brainy 10 year old Tilly. 

Filming for scenes involving Steven will take place in Peterborough in May 2019. Also joining the cast will be Boy Meets Girl, Coronation St, Grange Hill and Dr Who star Jonny Dixon. 

Jonny will play Wes Barrett, the abusive partner to Kerry Roper played by Gemma Haughton. Jonny recently feature as guest star in the first episode of the new Dr Who, and is known for his lead roles in Boy Meets Girl and Coronation Street,

 I will be announcing many other guest st...

January 26, 2019

We are deep into pre-production for our new film Kicking Off, and we have some exciting things happening. Guest stars, new script developments and much more. I thought this would a good time for me to introduce people who are not aware of my work to what we have done in the past.

Ghost Train 

The idea for Ghost Train came from when I was 17, I had been dating a girl who lived on the other side of the pennies in Wakefield (I was from Lancashire). Most weekends I would travel by train and visit her, and I would regularly find myself at Huddersfield train station around midnight to catch the last train. I would fall asleep waiting for the train, and on this accession I awoke to find the train pulling in, I boarded and started my journey,  as I arrived at my stop I stood on the station and opene...

December 31, 2018

As we welcome in 2019 it is traditional to look back on the past year and what we have achieved. It's been a year of transition here at Canned Media, we have welcomed some new faces and said goodbye to other crew members, mainly to universities.

We produced the film Grandpa God in 2018,  short film starring Bruce Jones and Lucy Connah.

The film got its premier at the Wicked Wales International Youth Film Festival, opening the festival at the little theatre Rhyl. 

We start 2019 in pre-production for the six part drama/film Kicking Off, a comedy about junior grassroots football team Heaton Stanley.

The drama directed by Lee Howard will tell the story of Heaton Stanley, the countries unluckiest football team. a trailer has been filmed and is due for release very soon. Filming for the drama starts...

September 25, 2018

Peel the onion was the phrase  I believe I used to describe the way to watch the film Grandpa God. This is  a film I developed and Directed recently and it was premiered at the Wicked Wales film festival opening. I found myself stood along side other cast and crew members on the stage moments after the film had launched the festival, looking back at me was was a theatre of blank looks, not sure how to respond to a film they didn't understand, whilst at the same time being polite. Because there is one thing to remember about being a filmmaker and watching other peoples work, if you don't quite get it, there is a moment where you think, is it me or is it just a bad movie, well when it comes to Grandpa God....It maybe you!

 (Left: Ian Price - Producer/Centre Lee Howard Creator and Di...

September 8, 2018

The crew at Canned Media have been busy this week, Adam Dawson took on his first job as Director of Photography as we filmed a commercial for the Blue Lion CWM. 

and with just a week go before Grandpa God premiers at the Wicked Wales film festival, our cameraman Ashlay McDowell Howard photographed a cinema session at the white rose centre in Rhyl.

 Which looked to be a great success. 

We will produce more update as they come.

August 30, 2018

Lee Howard has announced a new approach to production in 2019. He will be bringing new young filmmakers into the canned media team, focussing more on cinema and television production.

(Pictured Director Lee Howard with Steven Arnold on the set of VALENTINES)

A new investment has gone ahead in new cinema equipment, including moving over to XEEN lenses, which is a first for the team. Lee said our production will have a identifiable style, and promoting Adam Dawson to DP is a very Important decision in this change of approach. 

(Left: Adam Dawson) Adam has been with me for three years now, Lee said, and has shown real progress, I know this is a big challenge for him, but one I'm confident he will succeed in. 

We will also be welcoming some new faces into the crew which is something that Canned Me...

August 28, 2018

Brand new film Grandpa God to premier this September at the Wicked Wales International film festival. the movie won't enter the festival, however it will open the event with a red carpet event at the little theatre in Rhyl on September 14th.

The event will be attended by the films stars including former Coronation Street actor Bruce Jones, and the films Producer Ian Price and Director and creator Lee Howard. 

The film is focussed on a man who suffers with dementia and believes he is God and his granddaughter is Jesus. 

Screenplay writer and junior producer Addie Davies will join junior Director Adam Dawson, along with other crew members and actors to deliver a Q&A after the premier, followed by a reception which will be attended by other cast members Including Tom Spencer, Lucy Connah and dau...

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