Film and Television Production
Film and Television Production

Most of our films are born from our very own people.


We write nearly all our own films.


We produce all our own scripts into films


We edit all our own films and productions


About our films....


Written & Directed by Lee Howard, Co-Directed and stars Steven Arnold alongside Jonny Dixon and Jennifer Howell. Valentines tells the story of a young couple from very different backgrounds, who arrange a blind date on Valentines day in a working men's club.  Could they have more in common than they ever imagined.


Womble wasn't actually produced by Canned Media, however most of the team worked on the film. It was written and directed by Lee Howard and stars Jonny Vegas and Jimmy Cricket. Womble tells the story of a man with Aspergers suffering from social stigma whilst trying to achieve his dream of being a stand up comic

Lee Howard was originally approached by the writer of a stage play and Lee loved the idea so much he went away and wrote the film Valentines it stars BBC2 Boy meets girl  and long term Coronation Street actor Jonny Dixon, Along side TV and stage actress Jennifer Howells. Former Coronation Street star Steven Arnold (played Ashley Peacock) co-directed the film, and made a special appearance as Duncan.

Womble had a host of stars from the world of television, film, music and comedy, Starring in the movie was Johnny Vegas as GIRO, he was joined by legendary comic Jimmy Cricket in his first ever movie role, Lee Thompson from the band Madness, Beautiful South singer Briana Corrigan, Black Lace lead singer Dene Michael, Former Coronation stars Bruce Jones (Les Battersby) and Steven Arnold (Ashley Peacock) Playing the lead was Tom Spencer, who is the first actor with Aspergers Syndrome to play the lead of a character with the condition in world cinema. Womble was written and directed by Lee Howard of Canned Media.

Johnny Vegas
Jimmy Cricket


Evicted was written by former BBC Writers room finalist Dustin Bowcott. Lee Howard directed the film, once again joining forces with Steven Arnold, who starred and co-directed. The film also featured Jonny Dixon and Lawrence Stubbings and tells the story of two desperate drug addicts who find themselves out of their depths.

First Love

Written by Lee Howard and co-written by Addie Davies, the later also taking up the lead role of Lucy, a teenage girl who falls in love with a boy called Zach played by actor and Big Brother winner Sam Evans. However Zach turns out to be a predator and Lucy finds herself in a situation that so many young girls will find familiar.

Written by Addie Davies and stars Bruce Jones, Grandpa God is a surreal tale of a man and his Grand daughter, he suffers with dementia and believes he is God, and thinks his Grand daughter is Jesus. Directed by Lee Howard and Produced by Ian Price. Grandpa God opened the Wicked Wales film festival in 2018.

Grandpa God

Written and Directed by Lee Howard the Swingers series is a romantic comedy that dares to explore the lifestyle of Swinging. We see the four main characters played by Steven Arnold (Coronation St) Lucy Jane Quinlan (The Cage) Jennifer Howells (Valentines) and Stephen Hoyle (Shameless) destroy their lives in the search of pleasure.

Swingers 1&2

Steven Arnold
Lucy Jane Quinlan
Sam Evans
Jonny Dixon
Bruce Jones

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